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Never before has the need to reach very high levels of wealth felt like today, because we have reached the point where in today’s world only the very rich are happy. Only they are happy in this world and only they have the privilege of living life according to nature, which is something that goes far beyond surviving by feeding on food grown and raised on their own.

But who are these lucky ones? What allows them to make a lot of money and grow so quickly?

Many think, wrongly, that the reason for their socio-economic status, I refer to that portion of the population that owns 90% of the total wealth of the Earth, is the result of illicit and criminal activities, corruption, greed and more. It is not so. The secret of their success lies in knowing how to exploit the System, that is the mechanism on which the life of all men on Earth is based, and therefore the evolution of man and the progress of humanity.

No, I am not referring to the institutional system, which is a malevolent and even criminal system, because it allows some to enrich themselves and to obtain more and more power, causing discomfort and suffering in others, but to a Supreme System, which is based on the naturalness of life of men, a system that allows those who know it to reach the stars, both in terms of economic wealth and well-being in the round.

It is a good System that very few on Earth know, who are the masters of the world. Yes, the masters of the world, the oligarchs, that is the famous 1% who own 50% of the total wealth of the Earth, are men who know this System and who manage to bring out the best of the best from it, that is all that a man can wish from life. It is a System that they keep secret, because it is the one that gives absolute power, a power that they want to keep for themselves, to be sure that the plan for the creation of the better world, the one they inherited from Freemasonry back in 1717, go to port.

Everything that has been happening since the beginning of 2020 is nothing more than the beginning of the last phase of a project to create a better world, a world in which men will be able to live and thrive according to nature, after a large slice of population, that considered deleterious to progress, will be eliminated.

Yes, the plans for the Great Reset, the New World Order and Agenda 21 are not plans against humanity, but plans for humanity. No, gentlemen, there is no plan against humanity, there is a plan in FAVOR OF HUMANITY, a plan that is the only one capable of guaranteeing the new generations a world in which they can thrive in perennial balance with nature.

The division between those who are ill and those who are well is very clear, with the former who are very ill and the latter who are very well.
The data on the distribution of wealth are the demonstration of this division between the two social classes, an elite of the super wealthy, who are less than 10% of the world population, and a mass of suffering, which are all the others, that is 90 %.

The secret of success and happiness, in today’s world and in the future world, lies in knowing how to become part of the 10%, because if you remain in the 90%, you will have to adapt to living, indeed to survive, according to very limiting rules and laws, which will not allow you to do what a man should, to live a life worthy of being called such.

The aspect that most distinguishes the life of animals from that of men is the interest in prospering, that is, the interest in improving their living conditions more and more, while freedom is an essential condition for happiness, which means that if you are not free, you cannot be happy.

Contrary to what many think, freedom is not a right but a merit, that is, it is something we must deserve.

What you need to know how to do to be able to live freely, without any constraint, and to prosper, from now on, is to contribute a great deal to progress.

The level of contribution that each of us can give to the society in which we live is directly proportional to how much we know the system and how much we are able to exploit it. In other words, freedom is a condition of life resulting from our productive capacities. The more we produce, the more we contribute to progress, the more we are worth, the more freedom we are granted.

Descartes, who liked to represent philosophical concepts in mathematical formulas, would have written that L = CCCP / D + P – Where CCCP is the Contributing Capacity to Growth and Progress and DP is the set of Damages and Problems that are caused to others , to society. The level of freedom you can have is the result of the relationship between your ability to contribute to progress and the damage and problems you cause to others. Individuals who are part of the mass society, that is 90%, are not free, and this is because they do not contribute enough to the growth and development of the society in which they live, and to the progress of humanity. On the other hand, individuals who contribute a lot are not punished even if they commit serious damage and cause serious problems to others, precisely because what they do makes a great contribution to growth and progress. These are the individuals above the law, or the untouchables, and now you know why they are.

Many in front of the words System, elites and untouchables begin to cry “wolf to wolf ..!” and this is because they are victims of a system, the institutional one, managed by a malevolent elite, which in the past decades has enslaved billions of people all over the world, causing them more and more discomfort and more and more misery. This is a criminal system, exploited and managed by criminals, for the simple reason that it allows you to get rich and gain more and more power, to the detriment of the well-being of many others.

Crime – Illicit activity through which well-being is obtained by causing discomfort to others.

What they do not know is that there is a supreme system, superior to the institutional one, which, as opposed to the latter, is not against man, but in favor. It is a System founded on the naturalness of human life, that is, based on the principle of reciprocity, which helps and leads those who know it and know how to exploit it to procure well-being for themselves and to create the conditions so that others can also do the same.

This is the System you must know and know how to exploit to redeem your life and if you want to live a life worthy of being called such, under the banner of sovereignty, freedom and prosperity. This is the System that you must know, in order not to be a victim of the other System, the institutional one that people would like to change, because over the years it has transformed more and more men into slaves.

The secret of success and happiness lies in knowing the Supreme System so to speak, and exploiting it in order to become great contributors to the progress of humanity, because only if you are able to contribute a lot to progress can you have the right to freedom and life. natural.

Project G is a project born from an idea of ​​Gabriele Cripezzi, system expert, coach and business developer, through which to offer an opportunity for growth to all those who understand that the time has come to aim for the stars, not to end in the stables, that is to all those who have understood that it is necessary to be included in the 10% of the super contributors to progress, in order not to end up like the rat.

Do you want to live happily, as a sovereign, that is, as a free man, under the banner of success and prosperity? You have to know how to exploit the Supreme System, and Project G is the project through which you can learn how to do it and do it, concretely.