Welcome to Progetto G

Progetto G (G as Growth) is a non-profit association of the ASD type (Amateur Sports Association) registered with the CSI, aimed at individuals of all ages, who want to live under the banner of growth and prosperity.

Progetto G philosophy


From the morning when we wake up to the evening when we go to bed, all we do is interact and exchange. By interacting and exchanging, we produce, and the more value he exchanges, the better off he is and the more he contributes to the well-being of the society in which he lives.

Producing (well-being) is the meaning of life.


The aspect that distinguishes the life of men from that of animals is the interest in growing and prospering. Thanks to ingenuity, man has managed to create ever more comfortable living conditions, for himself and for others, while reducing efforts at the same time. When you manage to improve your living conditions while reducing your efforts, we can say that we prosper.

Prosperity = going to get better and better, trying less and less.

A group of individuals interested in growing, who prosper, constitute a society that grows and develops.


In a world where healthy and successful people are less than 10% of the world population and where 90% of people are scrambling for crumbs (see Distribution of Wealth), knowing how to create and exchange a lot of value is a must moral rather than social.

Progetto G was born with the aim of giving an opportunity for interaction and exchange of value to ambitious individuals who want to live under the sign of growth, individuals who are interested in contributing a lot to the socio-economic development of their country and the whole world .


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